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Steps for Life 2019 - Blue Lake Park in Fairview, OR signup sheet

In order for this event to run smoothly and efficiently, we are in need of 75+ volunteers to help with projects and tasks the day before and the day of SFL. Do you have the skills we're looking for? Check out our list of volunteer duties and sign up today!

You can sign up for multiple positions. Start and end times are for the whole event, we'll email you correct time slots. We'll also host a volunteer orientation a couple of weeks before the event for those jobs that are more complicated.

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What and when
Course Direction (18+ yrs, set up course, direct participants/direct vehicle traffic)
Sat 5/18, 6:30am-12pm
Matthew, Gerry, Connie, Tanya, Jeffrey, Elise, Noelle, Lisa,
Data Entry (18+yrs, enter new participant data, instructions will be given and update current participant info)
Sat 5/18, 7am-12pm
Soumya, Jeff, Kristi, Nikki, TJ, Rebecca, Ramesh,
Day before set-up (help set up for the event)
Fri 5/17, 11:30am
Show 10 names Matthew D., Chuck H., Vicki C., Kay P., Bridget B., Gerry S., Karen F., Sandi N., Stacey M., Luz S.,
Day-of set-up (help set up for the event)
Sat 5/18, 6:30am-8am
Show 10 names Vicki D., Joe W., Karen F., Denise G., Dave G., Lily H., Saravanan K., jagadesan j., Savannah H., Travis B.,
Face Painters
Sat 5/18, 7:30am-11am
Show 8 names Teresa D., Mariah V., Mary V., Rachel H., Rachel H., Allison B., Julia V., Rachel G.,
Finish Line (cheer on participants as they finish, hand out finisher medals for 5k race)
Sat 5/18; 8:30am-11:15am
Jodi, Ann, sheila,
Food (serve food and drinks. Set up food tent)
Sat 5/18; 6:30am
Victoria, Spike and Karen, Brian, Jewelissa, Alynn,
Greeters/Event Guide (greet guests, give directions, answer questions)
Sat 5/18; 7am-10am
Anya, Guillermo, Ashley, Bre, Balasubramanian, Sandesh,
Packet Runners (retrieve and distribute participant packets)
Sat 5/18; 7:15am-10:30am
Janice, Emily, Camelia, Micah,
Registration (18+ yrs, Check-in or register participants, collect sponsorships)
Sat 5/18; 7am-10:30am
Show 8 names Victoria K., Jim H., Keri S., Darlene K., Bridget B., Kit D., Brenda S., Rebecca J.,
Photo Booth
Sat 5/18; 8am-11:15am
Janelle, Jessica,
Sweepers (follow behind participants, inform course direction volunteers that you are the last person, clean up along the course)
Sat 5/18; 8am-11:15am
Vanessa, Sai,
Tear-down (Help with event clean-up)
Sat 5/18; 11:30am
Matthew, Ann, Joe, Kim, Karen, Judy, Micah, Denise, Dave, Colleen, Stephanie, Colleen, siva prasad, pothanpreethi, Savannah, Donna and Dale, Shanaya, Geoff, Kristin,
T-Shirt/Merch Booth (18+ yrs, distribute shirts/rewards to participants, sell additional merch)
Sat 5/18; 6:30am-11:30am
Carol, Lilly, Garrett, Joe,
Water Station (pre-fill water cups and hand out water to runners as they come by)
Sat 5/18; 7am-10:am
Susan, Amber,
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