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Audition Information – 11th Festival of Shorts

11th Annual Festival of Shorts

Eight original short plays selected from over 100 submissions centering on the theme “What would you do?” Each Short play was chosen because it incorporated the ethical or difficult decisions of one or more of its characters. Each Short has from two to six actors, with a mix of dramas and comedies.

Audition Date:
Wednesday, May 18, 7:45pm-9:45 pm
(If you are unable to attend this time, please complete the audition survey and email your resume and headshot to

Audition Location:
Edmonds Driftwood Players Rehearsal Annex located at 200 Dayton Street, Edmonds

Rehearsal Dates:
See schedule for each short; TECH could begin 6/17 and go through 6/23 (not including 6/19 for Father’s Day). Rehearsals may be held out at our Rehearsal Annex (200 Dayton Street, Edmonds) OR Wade James Theatre lobby (950 Main Street, Edmonds).

Performance Dates:
June 24-July 3, 2022 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8:00pm, Sunday at 2:00pm. Call times for actors could be up to one hour before curtain.)

Audition Requirements:
-Fill out audition survey
-Sign up for auditions
-Please bring one copy of your headshot and resume (if printing creates a hardship, please send them to the office and request we do this for you via email to You will be given sides to read and seen by all the directors at one time.

Windfall (Director: Jonathan Olson)
• Kid: male-presenting or female-presenting teenager

Rehearsal Schedule: 5/26 (6-8pm); 6/2 (6-8pm); 6/9 (6-10pm); 6/16 (6-10pm)

*Already cast: Angel (female-presenting); Devil (male-presenting)

Whole New World (Director: Martin Mackenzie)
• Jo: female-presenting; Matty’s lover, mid-20’s
• Parker: female-presenting; mid-20’s; has joined the Special Police Force to arrest “illegals” (those who are “different” with regard to sexual orientation)

Rehearsal Schedule: 5/21 (2-6pm); 5/29 (2-6pm); 6/12 (2-6pm)

*Already cast: Matty (female-presenting; mid-20’s; Jo’s lover)

Seeing the Light (Director: Thomas A. Glass)
• Alena: female-presenting in her 20’s; dating Roland

Rehearsal Schedule: 5/25 (8-10pm); 6/1 (8-10pm); 6/4 (2-6pm); 6/8 (8-10pm); 6/15 (8-10pm)

*Already cast: Roland (male-presenting in his 20’s)

Losing Tucker (Director: Dave White)
• Howard: male-presenting in his 30’s to 40’s
• Arnold: male-presenting 40’s to 60’s

Rehearsal Schedule: 5/23 (8-10pm); 5/24 (6-8pm); 5/30 (8-10pm); 5/31 (6-8pm); 6/3 (6-8pm); 6/13 (8-10pm); 6/14 (6-8pm)

*Already cast: Tracy (female-presenting; same age range as Howard, her husband); Betty (female-presenting; 50’s to 70’s)

Like Jason (Director: Eric Bischoff)
• Nancy: female-presenting, middle aged

Rehearsal Schedule: 5/23 (6-8pm); 5/30 (6-8pm); 6/3 (6-8pm); 6/6 (6-8pm); 6/10 (6-8pm); 6/13 (6-8pm)

*Already cast: Taylor (female-presenting; younger woman with young children)

Why (Director: Mark Velednitsky)
• Connie: female-presenting (23 month-old laying hen; Like a “Stepford Wife”, Believes everything she is told, dutifully obeys and basks in the joy of knowing that she is doing the right thing)
• Carl: male-presenting (8 year-old rooster; Cock of the Roost; In charge, authoritarian, dictatorial leader)
• Other chickens: naïve followers, curious, manic

Rehearsal Schedule: 5/25 (6-10pm); 5/28 (2-6pm); 6/15 (6-10pm)

*Already cast: Bonnie (female-presenting; 24 month-old laying hen; A rebellious dreamer; Individualist; Roamer)

The Good War (Director: Laura Crouch)
• Lt. James Douglas: male-presenting (Exec. Officer, British Royal Marines; A nervous man who looks at Americans with disdain)

Rehearsal Schedule: 5/24 (8-10pm); 5/31 (8-10pm); 6/7 (8-10pm); 6/11 (2-6pm); 6/14 (8-10pm)

*Already cast: Captain Robert Delacombe (male-presenting; Commanding Officer, British Royal Marines; Quiet, astute soldier); Captain Thomas Gray (male-presenting; Commanding officer, US Army; a belligerent man who joined the army to fight); 1st Lt. James Haughney (male-presenting; Executive officer U.S. Army; right-hand man of Gray; Loyal to his commanding officer but would prefer a different tactic in dealing with British)

Show volunteers

What and when
Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Giovanna, Emily, Chris, Sara, Ashton, Mitch, Keith, Rebekah, Rachel, Tenille, Alayna, CAROL, Megan, Julie, Mar, David, Eric, Sandra, PATRICK, Ron, Erin, Kaira, Jayla, Philip,
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