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Adventurer Spring Escape signup sheet

We need volunteers to support the activities planned for the weekend. All Volunteers MUST meet the following requirements:
1. be at least 18 years of age or older or a registered TLT with SNEC.
2, have completed the Child Protection Course and Background Check through Adventist Screening Verification (Verified Volunteer)
3. Provide a negative COVID test done 72 hours prior to the event
4. bring their own camping equipment (Camp and eat with their local church preferred)
TLTs must have adult supervision

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Saturday Afternoon Centers
Dawnette W., Fabiana A., Sirleia D., Clovis A., Abigayl F., Rafael P., Jose A., Samuel G., Sherley S., Luis Fernando G., Luis G., Alex B., Juliana G., Kimberly G., Antonio G., Sara G., Isabel R., Cristiane O., Carlos P., Meyre A., Josias M.,
Sunday Fun Games
Dawnette W., Fabiana A., Albert M., Jose A., Samuel G., Kimberly G., Antonio G., Juliana G., Sara G., Isabel R., Meyre A.,
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