October Florence Camp - YOUTH SURFER signup sheet

Youth Surfers PLEASE SIGNUP Here - *Must be ages 8 or older. We have 20 spot - first come, first served.

10:00am - Youth Arrive / Geared Up
10:30am - Beach Cleanup / Stretch Circle / Land-Drills
11:00am - 12:00ish - SURF!
12:30 - Cleanup / Lunch

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Florence Area Youth Surfer
Show 20 names Caleb G., Dylan G., Diego D., Isis T., Hazel R., Orrin R., Vera B., Takla B., Faith L., Haley M., gabriella j., Christian B., Seth B., Jasper R., Madison C., Matthew B., Lyra B., Sunshine A., Rosa V., Chloe W.,
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