Quileute Camp - August 10/11, 2019 Sign Up Sheet

We are excited to be hosting camp at La Push again! Below is some info about this camp. We will be sending more detailed logistics to volunteers who have signed up closer to the camp date.

Exact start time for this camp will be based on weather and tide conditions. Please plan to show up Friday evening or by Saturday at 9:00am for the official volunteers meeting.

If you're a surf instructor, you should have your own wetsuit, and be comfortable pushing kids into waves. You will be responsible for 1 to 2 kids during your session, and you will make sure that your kids sign out with the beach captain when they are finished surfing.

We are hoping to have a 2:1 instructor to kid ratio for this camp so it would be great if all volunteers are suited up and ready to help get in the water if needed.

We will all be camping at La Push Friday August 9th and Saturday August 10th. Camping is free, but limited to Warm Current volunteers only due to tribal regulations. Remember, as always we are guests of the tribe, so please be respectful. Thank you so much for donating your time this summer. We are sooo stoked to have you join us!

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Surf Instructor - in water, wearing a wetsuit, pushing kids into waves
Show 30 names Justin H., KBoo B., Christina S., Adam A., Emma K., Shawn M., Sam B., Michelle S., Diane D., Garrett F., Lauren R., Tucker R., Jamie Y., Reuben A., Brian A., Sarah D., Mark R., Veronica B., Marisa L., Adam J., Erin W., Mitch P., Justin D., Holly D., Rick L., Anne B., Boe T., Zach H., Call N., Harland P.,
Beach Helper - not in water, helping keep kids and sign-ins sorted
Wetsuit Guru - sizing up kids and wetsuits, and making sure all the suits are organized post-camp
Tiffany, Christopher,
Lifeguard - you're a lifeguard.
Rick, David, Christopher,
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