Saturday, March 27th, 4:30PM signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Join us for Mass Saturday, March 27th at 4:30PM.
*Mass Ministers, please contact Irene Jones or Mary Neil before signing up!

Show volunteers

Fr Bill,
Jean, John,
Extraordinary Minister
Show 100 names Nancy K., Robb K., HARRY M., Gloria C., Dan C., Gaylie C., Lori K., Paula S., Emily G., George G., Bella G., Olivia G., Patricia G., Patricia G., Patricia G., Colin G., Sophie G., Lexi G., Lexi G., Jarett G., Stephen H., Melissa H., Michelle F., Tony F., Thomas F., Sarah F., Susan R., Roy R., Mari M., Robert M., Gloria M., Gabriella M., Isabella M., Olivia M., Cade M., Peggy S., Tom S., Dianne G., Jim G., Patti P., John G., Mary G., Elaine S., Maryann D., Jenny K., Pam P., DAVID R., Laura R., Aiden R., Anya R., Lucia R., Carrie P., Carrie P., Crystal S., Judy C., Lauren C., Judy C., Ralph C., Colleen F., Wendy C., John P., Geneva S., Darin S., SUSAN R., Bill S., Mary S., ROY R., John K., Greg D., Diane D., Sandra S., CYNTHIA B., PHIL B., Kelly K., Craig K., Caitlin B., Nancy T., Zoe T., Ellie T., Marc T., Lori D., Colette d., Jim N., Debbie W., Mike W., Tori D., Ron D., Patricia S., Sharon F., Barbara W., Joe W., Kathleen F., Dave B., Connie H., Gregg M., Claudia C., Pradeep P., Joshua M., Mary Jo R., Gerhard R.,
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