White Rose Classic 2019 Group Rides signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Volunteer to join a Group Ride led by a local. It won't be all sight-seeing, but expect some conversation and local colour, as well as the advantages of riding in a group! The ride leader will manage turns, regroup at the top of major climbs, send someone back to you if you lose touch and will do all we'd usually do on a club ride to keep coherence - please follow their instruction. There are three distances, and two speeds each - so if you do eventually drop out of a faster ride, you can be swept up by the ride following. Pacing equates to Silver/Bronze, or ICC standard B1/2 or 2//3 rides (though we can't guarantee to gain you a 'time' as the pace is a guide and the emphasis is on riding as a coherent group).
Please note that you join these rides under the same rules as for entering the sportive, this includes your own responsibilities to yourself and other riders, and no liability is accepted by Ilkley Cycling Club or ride leaders for accident, injury, damage or loss.

Show volunteers

What and when
Hawes Long Route, Medium Group
Show 12 names Kev D., Richard S., Dalia M., Adam H., Aamir A., Neil L., James E., Robert S., Andrew S., aly m., Ed L., Ian P.,
Hawes Long Route, Steady Group
Show 12 names Oliver H., paul w., Isobel H., Richard W., Simon R., Graham I., Dave E., Craig G., David B., Ralph S., Jeanette B., Tim S.,
Settle Medium Route, Medium Group
Show 12 names Niki B., Diana S., Stephen M., David H., Richard L., Andy W., Mike K., Bruno P., Mike S., Rebecca P., Ryan E., Myron K.,
Settle Medium Route, Steady Group
Show 10 names Carol B., Simon G., Niki B., Gavin L., David V., Mark H., Becky C., Chris W., Mark J., James B.,
Grassington Short Route, Medium Group
Gary, Beth,
Grassington Short Route, Steady Group
Show 10 names Mike W., Jody H., Denis B., john m., Frances G., Ruth P., Ana V., Nkosilathi D., Craig K., Anna D.,
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