Pride Train signup sheet

Anyone wishing to participate but unable to walk the entire route is welcome to ride the Pride Train. It is free to do so; however, space is limited. You must reserve a seat to guarantee a spot on the train. Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.

To sign up, select a row below

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Pride Train Seat
Carolyn Thomas, Carolyn Thomas, Carolyn Thomas, Betty, Wentworth, Elaine, Sonya, Brian, Jean, Denise, Buelah, Barbara, Paul, Joanne, Shanann, Satori, Donna-Rose, Rev. Ahmondra Brenda, Rev. Ahmondra Brenda, Liz, Shirley, Nic, Brian, Cathy, Peggy, Sacha, Jennifer, Megan, Sarah, Wynne, Quinnell, Ellen, Vanessa, Lexie, Aidan, Margaret, Berta, Beverly, Wynne,
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