Waikīkī Sign Waving with HPD (8/22, Thu) signup sheet


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HPD District 6 (Waikīkī) Community Policing Team is partnering up with HBL to do a "Share the Road” sign waving campaign in the Waikīkī area on August 22nd (Thu) from 4-6pm.

We'll have some impromptu sign-making materials at the sign waving location. But we welcome you to make and bring your own sign with your own handmade safety message regarding bikes! Think "Share the Road", "Drive with Aloha", "Give 3ft to Cyclists (It's the Law!)", "Watch for Cyclists!", "Mahalo for Sharing the Road!", or make up your own friendly message of safe streets!

Location: At the Diamond Head side of the Ala Wai Blvd. (beginning of the Ala Wai Blvd bike lane)
Time: 4-6m, stay as long as you can, leave when you have to.
What to bring: Your sign (or borrow one of HPD's or HBL's), water
Parking: Bike over! Or for free car parking you can park in the Waikiki-Kapahulu parking lot.

Questions? Email Malia at Malia@HBL.org or call (808) 735-5756.


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What and when
HBL + HPD Sign Waving in Waikīkī
8/22/19 (Thu), from ~4-6pm
Anthony, Carlos, Daphne, Sandra,
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