Busse Woods Bike Pit Stop - Sat 8/17/19 signup sheet

FCEG will have a table along the Busse Woods bike trail near the elk pen. We'll be fitting helmets, filling tires, lubing chains, passing out stickers, serving refreshments, and discussing bike safety. No prior experience is necessary. If you enjoy cycling, can pump up a tire, and enjoy chatting with others, you'd be a great volunteer. Contact Kathy at KathyKolvek@gmail.com with any questions about this volunteer event. Thanks!

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What and when
Shift #1
7:45am to 10am
Show 8 names mikie s., Susan B., Ron S., Lynn W., David S., Kathy K., warren M., kim M.,
Shift #2
10am to 12:15pm
Luanne, mikie, Kathy,
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