ACS Hope Gala - Silent Auction signup sheet

Silent Auction Volunteers assist guests with information about items up for bid and assist with taking down bids for each item.

• Learn items that are at your table; make sure bid sheet is placed next to correct item.
• Know that there is a way to just purchase the item using the guaranteed purchase price and tell guests. If people sign on the guaranteed purchase
price line, take directly to registration area. Please watch gift certificate area and they are all sold at 100% of value so there will be only one
purchaser. Explain center pieces are not on auction. They can be purchased for their stated amount.
• Do not take it upon yourself to change the minimum bid increase amounts –
• Coordinate closing of tables at specific times at 6:30; 6:45; and 7:00pm. When auctioneer makes announcement table is closing, volunteers to
underline winning bidder and pull the white copy and take to check-out for entry.
• Encourage guests to sign up for auction items
• When an item closes – highlight winner & take white bid sheet off the top of the form and leave the bottom colored copy by item to show that the
item has been closed.
• We will have a runner to collect the closed slips to take to the redemption area.

After Silent Auction – Redemption Area Volunteers
• Break down of the silent auction tables and set-up in redemption area by registration and departure gift area
• Bring items w/ yellow bid sheet attached to redemption area and put in numeric package order
• Put together cardboard wine boxes for single wine bottles
• Place bags for item carry-out at station
• Review receipts and give items/certificates/centerpieces to winners
• Put any unredeemed items in garage or other secure place.

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Silent Auction Volunteer
Sept. 14th - 4:30pm-11pm
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