River Restoration Safari: Learn All About River Restoration with Ryan Santo signup sheet

Starting at 5PM, we will meet at Howard Preserve and will walk over to the newly finished Howard Preserve Restoration Project.  Ryan will give a 30 minute presentation on the restoration techniques used in this project.  He will then open up the discussion for questions.

At 6:00 we will wrap up the questions and head north as a group to the Colorado Gulch Preserve.  

At 6:15 We will walk over to the old bridge site, and Ryan will spend 20 minutes discussing the restoration work that will take place along this reach of the river before opening the floor to questions.

This is going to be a highly educational experience for all participants!  Not only will attendees learn about restoration practices and techniques, but they will learn how to identify problem areas along the river.  

The Big Wood River is a highly modified system due to past anthropogenic activities and development in the floodplain.  To the casual river enthusiast, the Big Wood River is a beautiful and natural space.  The Wood River Land Trust has a goal to return as much natural river function to the greatest extent possible along the river - after attending this river restoration safari, you will know exactly what that means!

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River Restoration Safari: Learn All About River Restoration with Ryan Santo
July 7; 5-7PM
Emily, Laura, Ron, Donna, Emily, Amy, Shana,
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