Buddies - escort & assist families with special needs individuals

Special Needs Family Fun Day 2019
Oct 12th @ 9am-3pm
Show names Chris, Chris, Cathy, Nayana, Amanda, Jacelyn, Wade, Pam, Veedis, Toni, Veedis, Tad, Carol, Tabitha, Imonai, Arav, Charmaine, Brandon, Kim, Ana, Jaeden, Jeffery, Bella, Ashlyn, Madelyn, Cameron, mar'teona, Marisol, Alyeicia, Allison and William, Adam, eliya, KayLee, Kylie, Shawne, Mollie, Jackie, Nathaniel, Leslie Anne, Carolyne, olivia, Lauren,

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A type of red or green fruit that doesn't fall far from the tree

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