2019-2020 SJB Bakers Group signup sheet


This signup sheet is not accepting new volunteers.
Please contact the event coordinator for further details.

Sign up below to become a member of our SJB Bakers Contact List for the 2019-2020 School Year.
If your contact info changes during the school year, or you've made an error during sign-up, please contact me directly with your updated information. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP HERE AGAIN.

The SJB Parent Participation newsletters may not be issued as often as baking is requested for various events, so once the baking list is compiled you will be the FIRST CONTACTED whenever an event needs baked goodies! Make sure my personal email address does not go to your SPAM folder. :)

I post all baking requests for upcoming events on the "Baking Opportunities" signup page, so please keep this link handy:


You can also check it to remind yourself of what date you have signed up to bake (although I strongly recommend you make note of the date you commit to volunteer, as soon as you receive a confirmation email!).

Thank you!

~Catherine Nootebos,
SJB Baking Coordinator

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Please put me on the 2019-2020 SJB Bakers List!
Robyn, Darlene, Catherine, gladys, Michelle, Jane, Carlene, Paul, Gina, Sylvia, Doris, Sandra, Michelle, Kimberley, Sonia, Leona, Angela, Christa, Ana, Elizabeth, Tara, Lisa, Lina, Sona, Nicole, Mayan, Karen, NICOLE, Debbie, Dylan, Christy, Suzanne, Odette, Blanca, Irene, Ann, Sonia, waltraud, Lindsay, Sarah, Sherry, Sabrina, Kristi, Ilona, Chrystal, Theresa, taryn, Manae, Hala, Lucinda, Monika, Diane, Mei, Iliana, Teresa, Michaela, Balvinder, Nadine, Jodi, Karen, Luz, sherri, Veronica, Nicole, Aida, Colleen, Ed, cheryl, Brigette, Eva, Hannah, Carrie,
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