2020 Ethos & YES Volunteer Opportunities signup sheet

Youth Encouragement Services values our partnership with Ethos Church and all of its great members! YES has a few opportunities for Ethos members to engage with our ministry by providing some 'muscle work'. Please select an option that works best for your schedule. Invite your entire family to participate!

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What and when
Sorting, Sprucing & Sweating, too!!
Sunday, September 13, 2020 / 2PM-4PM
Show 22 names Grace B., Erica G., Rachael M., Christian H., Josh F., Dane F., Sam P., Kate P., Lexie G., Derek W., Kelli W., Kristyn C., Lyndsey C., Eliza W., Amanda M., Rachel S., Stephanie M., Steven M., Kristin P., Brittany A., Corey H., Farron S.,
Sorting, Sprucing & Sweating, too!!
Sunday, September 20, 2020 / 2PM - 4PM
Aya, Marlies, Brooklyn, Lauren, Luke, Elizabeth, Bryant, Claire, Delaney, Mason, Maggie, Caden, Amie, Maya, Brynna, John, Meredith, Jacob,
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