Pearl Harbor Bike Path Cleanup! signup sheet

Join HBL and other community organizations on a major clean up of the Pearl Harbor Bike Path. Our assigned area is behind Waipahu High School. You'll want to have sturdy shoes, gloves (if you have them), sunblock, a hat, and water. The City and County of Honolulu will provide other tools and pick up/haul everything away.

To sign up, select a row below

Show volunteers

What and when
Pick up rubbish and put in bags to be hauled away.
October 23 (Saturday) 8am-10am (approx)
Show 45 names Joey P., Sumei B., Jeffrey D., Janel S., Robert I., Anne M., David H., Brian G., Teresa C., Julia P., Julie and Aaron O., Aaron O., Sung K., Harry C., Johnny R., Marissa G., Lori M., David T., John R., John R., Herbert L., Ron K., Larry M., Melvin N., CARL N., Sachiko N., Frank S., Mark G., Lynn M., Dave and Judy A., Riki N., Christopher T., Ruby F., Heide W., P W., C W., Cynthia O., Paiea N., Joey M., Danny W., Christine L., Mark G., Leslie U., Jessica S., Will S.,
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