TEAM-GORGE 2021 VOLUNTEERS signup sheet

We love to make and sell our food and drinks to the Gorge amphitheater attendees to raise money for early childhood education in north central Washington supporting TEAMS Learning Center!!!
There are opening, mid and closing shifts to help our food stands make the most profit possible and our volunteers have the most fun possible while we enjoy the music and people attending the show.
The opening shift helps set up the stands, count inventory and helps to train incoming volunteers. The mid shift volunteers are cooking the food, topping or assembling food, opening drinks or selling directly to the customer. We need many people each day so invite friends to join you and together we can have successful fundraising show days.

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Show volunteers

What and when
Gorge 2021 Volunteer TEAM
July - October
Michael, Emily, Raye, Megan, Jared, Jessica, Anthony, James, Yessica, James, Carolina, Kelley, Lori, Stephen, Shelley, Kaylee, Alex, Jana, Tyler, Briana, Anne, Makenna, Brandon, Tenlee, Elana, Ashley, Rachelle, Kasey, Anlyn, Hayley, Jo, Jane, Nicole, Jeremy, Katy, Mara, Jesse, Jenna, Cassandra, Michelle, Emily, Levi, Liz, Shelley, Tyler, Katie, Alicia, Geoff, Grant, Katrina, Elisabeth, Gabrielle, Jaime, Jeremy, Lynda, Bob, Taryn, Breanna, Yesenia, Brooklyn, Jake, Stephanie, Jasmine, Cameron, Juan Carlos, Austin, Abigail, Molly, Molly, Mariah, Kaitlyn, Matthew, Jeremy, Mitchell, Ramon, Ashley,
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